What They Gonna Do, Pt. II - Jay-Z

Jay-Z (intro):
Oh yea
Uh oh
Yall know who it is (he's baaack)
If you with me throw the diamond up one time
Ladies if you with me grind to the base line
Dont be scared to grab her from behind and make her show out her wild side
sneak out the back side

Verse 1:
What they gone do with me
Got money got broads got a crew with me
Willis bannanas clips i got a slew with me
Get down and lay down and get a shoe with me
Now how the f_ck they gone deal with me
I aint goin nowhere they got to deal with me
Got the whole bk ready to kill with me
You scared muthaf_cker keep it real with me (keep it real with me)
What the f_ck they gone say to me
Got the clap (ya mean) all day with me
Cut(ya mean) dont play with me
Cut(ya mean) stay with me
Dont lose me yall
Please dont confuse me with dog im different
I brought it back for a livin
33's O's was on the b_tch, back like pippen
3 she could keep for herself and distribute
36 O's in the key you do the addition
before mitchell and ness did it, i was movin birds like an Orioles fitted
Im Cal Ripken Jr. lets get it

If you with me throw the diamond up one time
ladies if you with it grind to the baseline
Homey dont be scared to grab it from behind
And make her show out her wild side poke out her wild side

Verse 2:
Mommie what they gone say to you
Got your hair did with your favorite shoes
Tell him dont play with you get him away from you
You need a balla like I
Call him like I
See him like naw
Move over yall amatuers
No you not ballin thats pro am sh_t
Oh stop callin that's ho man sh_t
Stop fallin asleep thats old man sh_t
I stands up in it like a champ up in it
Be up been in it so long , get my calls transferred in it
No more minute man in it
Get my sound scared
Be the s with the marketing plans in it

Chorus x2

Verse 3:
What they gone do
Yo got starch in your flow
I flow too many ways
Hes got an arch in my flow
All sorts of flow
Rembrandt and rilkie i am up with the flow
Even if your filthy got an apartment to flow
Take it lightly i can darken in the flow
They way i put it together tear em apart with the flow
Im too smart with the flow
You just started the flow
Stop it youngin
You 106 & Parkin the flow
Im a pro, as you see i am off the charts with the flow
Actually im number 1 on the charts with the flow
In some places they say that I AM GOD with the flow
Like my office but they are bias to rebark with the flow (oh no)
I am the new spirit i am yall with the flow
Trouble man dare i say i am more with the flow
I come apart but i evolve with the flow
Crossover slam dunk rucker park with the flow. Young!

Chorus x2

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