Time to Say Goodnight - Jedd Hughes

Written by Jedd Hughes, Terry McBride and Tommy Lee James

Well, here I am again
Bartender says it's closing time
He knows I'll keep coming back
And you're the reason why
I could never drink enough
To drink you off my mind
Time to say goodnight

I think I've stared a hole
In every wall in this old place
Heaven knows I'm tired of seeing
You in every face
Everybody here's seen every tear
I've tried to hide
Time to say goodnight

Sweet dreams, baby
Sweet dreams, baby
Wherever you are tonight
I miss you, baby
Sweet dreams, baby
Time to say goodnight


I lay my head down on my pillow
And try to find some sleep
I close my eyes and pray someday
That you'll come back to me
I put my dreams of you to bed
And then turn out the light
Time to say goodnight
Time to say goodnight

Repeat chorus

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