Stronger - Jennifer Love Hewitt

(Jennifer Love Hewitt)

I'd like you to meet the girl they call next door
You'll know her 'cause you've seen her face before
He left you and he broke your heart in two
You don't know if you'll ever make it through

He had to go leave you all alone
I promise you're much better on your own
Take it from me 'cause I've been there
I once had a man who didn't care

Promised myself I would never love again
I've been hurt, I've been blind, and that's the end
I have fought, I have cried, I have bled
For the love that never has been said

He'll love you, he won't love you
But you've got to ?cause you're stronger than you were before
You?ll be there, he won't be there
But you've been there and you're stronger than you were before

Take a minute, make a new plan
Take a while before a new man
Find the one that I adore
But better yet, the one who loves me more

Girl to girl, I know we?ve all been there
In the mirror I know that we?ve all stared
To find a place that?s within our hearts
Never let your soul and spirit part

He?ll love you, he won?t love you
But you?ve got to ?cause you?re stronger than you were before
You?ll be there, he won?t be there
But you?ve been there and you?re stronger than you were before

Girl I know you?ll feel better if you cried
But you will be stronger if you look inside
Love doesn?t always mean that you?ll see eye to eye
But great love will always help you learn to fly
You can hold him close and let him kiss you
But just not too tight, he?s gotta miss you
Make a love that you know your heart will preserve
Live a life that all of us deserve
And he will

( Repeat Chorus)

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