No L.O.V.E - Jhene

Who in the world is this calling me at 2:26 in the morning?
Crack of dawn and got me yawnin'
Why you tyin' up my line, saying you apologize
For all the lies you told me - lies
Said you were chillin' with your homies - lies
But you were chasin' all the shorties - that's right
Now you claim that you adore me
You get no love

You get's NO L-O-V-E from me
You be steady gaming all the time
So get O-U-T MY F-A-C-E baby out of sight out of mind
You get's NO L-O-V-E from me
Can't keep tellin' your lies
No more K-I-S-S-I-N-G ME
Baby out of sight out of mind

Who in the world is this ringing my bell
10:46 yo it's late as hell
Got the roses in your arm and the teddy bear
Tryin' to use your thuggish charm but I just don't care
Don't be don't be trippin' - Lies
Baby your game is slippin' - Lies
You're just a child and I'm big pimpin'
I'm over you and you get no love

Thank you for leaving me, I can finally get on my feet
Thank you for hittin' the door
Now there's no more what's mine is yours
Cause I'm free now, I don't need now, stack my cheese now
Sit on some D's now, wrists on freeze now
You can lie now, I don't cry now, say bye-bye now
No second try now

You wanna wanna be a playa playa go play
You wanna wanna be a baller baller go ball
You ain't never never gotta worry worry bout me
Cause baby you and me can't kick it no more

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