Sweet Emmylou - Joey + Rory

Sweet Emmylou
I blew the dust off you
Your the only one who
Knows what I'm going through
And like the hickory wind
He's gone again
Sweet Emmylou

Sweet Emmylou
As the needle run through you
The way the pain shines through
Well I know you've been there too
Those sad melodies
Oh how they comfort me
Sweet Emmylou

And I hate to bother you again
Last time you helped
My poor heart mend
When he came along
So I put your records all away
Thought happy songs
Was all I'd play
But I was wrong
Oh I was wrong

Sweet Emmylou
What are we gonna do
It's only been a week or two
And he's found someone new
Looks like it's gonna be
Another night with you and me
Sweet Emmylou


Sweet Emmylou
Sweet Emmylou
Sweet Emmylou

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