Waiting for Someone - Joey + Rory

No, I don't mind if you
Sit down if you want to
I'll only be here few
I'm waitin' for someone

Yes, I'm drinkin' wine
One more would be just fine
To pass the time
While I'm waitin' for someone

I guess he's runnin' late
Oh, I hate these blind dates
Waitin' for someone

What's that? No, not me
I'm still single and free
Someday I wanna be
I'm just waitin' for someone

Yea, I like this song too
Why sure, I'll dance with you
Just one or two
While I'm waitin' for someone

Oh my, it's getting late
I've been here since 8
Guess he's not gonna show
Sometimes that's how it goes
Waitin' for someone

It's really not that far
But you can walk me to my car
Now here we are
Waitin' for someone

Yea, I've had a nice time too
Sure, I'd love to hear from you
You know? I think I'm through
Waitin' for someone

'Cause to tell you the truth
I was just waitin' for someone like you

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