Alowha - Joey Bada$$

Yea... back in this muthaf_cka
Reportin' live from a lyrical high
One time

[Verse 1:]
Yo, with not a damn thing on my mind
But this rhyme, in a matter of time
To make this whole sh_t allign
Like I planned out, nothing in life gets handout
Just stand out, ever since I had to pop my fish and panned out
Pressure board 'til I'm fanned out
Now we the pop off the band
So they can't keep their hands off of the man now
Divide their man, give 'em that S vitamin
Baby Cham style
Gots a Trini girl to soak it up, ShamWoW!
Damn child, you're killin 'em
Fillin' 'em, drillin' 'em with serums, of pure adrenaline
High blood feelin' like the thermostat cracked left mercury spillin'
Your favorite rapper tryna earn stacks from nursery children
True emcees write their verse and rehearse it a million times
Just for the rebirth of the feelin' prime and golden
Shawty ask what I'm holdin', teasin' 'em
Knowing the magnum blast squeeze magnesium
Used to be mad premature now I'm at premium
From lookin' up to n_ggas, to lookin' up n_ggas meetin' 'em
Meetings with 'em, give 'em a high pitch like curveballs and helium
Young scorcher trying to evolve like Charmeleon
Million, yeah n_gga, just tryna get a million

[Verse 2:]
Got the bomb n_gga, Baghdad, I'm blown away from a bad pass
Walk on grass, blow skunk, Ishamael so funk in the stash
My SB's, enter money I never had
I was more authentic, vaporize when I got heated
Never jealous, solid as a rock n' roll full plate
No po' peddlers, just some Pro fellas
Who you know better? Never lost my groove I don't know no Stella
It's a cold world without Coachella
A shady bunch, like under Interscope umbrella
But that don't phase me once, people say I'm crazy but
Call me young Evel cause I crazy stunt
I mace these punks, drop swank like it's knowledge to ya
Mr. Bada$$ is the scholar's tutors
Swank the lord and hallelujah
Still praying to the allahs, gods and judahs
Balance out my lows on the low high
N_ggas ain't know I sit so high
Balance out my lows on the low high
I'm like a low high

Yo, yo, yo, yo hit 'em high, hit 'em low
Leave 'em with no direction to go
Yo, yo, yo, yo hit 'em high, hit 'em low
Direct-less Indigos

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