Christ Conscious - Joey Bada$$

Mother, mothers_cker, yeah, oh, this is what you want, huh?
Microphone checker, yo, yo, yo

[Verse 1:]
Uh, motherf_ckin' microphone checker
Keep that grip tight, like my Smith & Wesson
Ike with the mic, which n_gga tryna turn up?
Hit you with the hurtful f_ckin' truth, like Sojourner
Motherf_ckin' microphone eater
Spittin' hot sh_t, hit ya dome with the heater
Wouldn't want to be ya, dish lyrical fajitas
Got dragon balls, like my name was Vegeta
Motherf_ckin' super duper swankin'
N_ggas still hatin', pigs want him for the bacon
Take 'em to the slaughterhouse, say we 'bout to order out
Tell 'em we the badass motherf_ckers that they heard about
Yes, I guess the word is out, we comin' for the top dollar
Top rottweiler, since I popped my collar
N_ggas say they hit us, they ain't ever shot nada
Me? I'd rather not snitch up on my own problems
Cause I'm a microphone killer
Especially when my head is gone off the liquor
Specially educated, heavily medicated
Give me that beat and I'll put you next to Dilla, my n_gga
Flow sweeter than vanilla
Tell these haters beat it, can't Jackson thriller
I'm the n_gga that you see when you're in the mirror
Say my name five times, this what I deliver

This a motherf_ckin' nuke that I'm droppin'
The world in my pocket, kick you out your continent
Always drop hot sh_t, Toroidal Flow keep constant
And I won't stop 'til I reach Christ Conscious, n_gga

Which one of y'all n_ggas really want it with me?
None of y'all n_ggas, f_ck outta here
Beast coast, n_gga, Pro Era in your area


N_ggas know, n_ggas, n_ggas, n_ggas know

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