Catharsis - Joey Bada$$

Vigorous, the illest realest lyricist
I'm sick like syphilis
Got a certificate for killing sh_t
And any innocent who witnesses the f_cking incident
Got a team of militants
Punch lines, crunch ligaments
This is Mr. Bada$$, the young villain
Hide the children and hide the women
There's no slides when you're caught slippin' so be cautious
A homie keeps a gorgeous twelve gauge
So if you run your mouth, get jaw-goned
The double entendre monster
N_ggas thank me, Say I'm number one in the ranking
I tell 'em it's an honor
Cause these n_ggas faking and they nada
F_ckin' stupid Mallagas, Pardon the Espana
I sip on Coladas and feel your chitatas
'til I bust like pinatas
Only true Shotta, come kill 'em with the Patois
Same time, met the gal at [?] and thats word to Spragga
I'm a young Wayne, I'm going insane, Liu Kang
Super Sayan whenever the [?] complain
Only be a kid, but yo, See if the youth's playin'
When the doobs flamed, I get enlightened 'til I be in Zeus lane
Find that quite amusing, I bone her like museum
Sit back, relax, and watch her bring it back, Boomerang
Now bring that back like poo stains in your new jeans
No need to be too ashamed
If you didn't get that the first time like new names
In my city, I be Bruce Wayne
Yup, cause when I get put on
I got them like new J's
He say, She say, Who say that I'm not the next Lupe
The one-handed sh_t you got to say, To you, touche
I'm the type to pull a dyke and only hit it on Tuesday
You the cunt though, When I come you feel like it be Doomsday
Cause the flow is Apocalypse
You say them n_ggas ill
But they still ain't even shocking us
Yo, who the f_ck is stopping us?
A bunch of nice n_ggas with aim like who blocking us?
BK where we stay, but you can still see the Pac in us
Oh, no disrespect to Diddy
Don't mean to be sadity
But I plan to conquer my city like yo, it's no Biggie
No really, it's no biggy and 50 can't bother
In a few years I plan to outshine Mr. Sean Carter
Look at what I done started
Notice the cartharsis revealed by the appeal of this young artist

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