Death of Yolo - Joey Bada$$

This the song I wrote if I died
I was on the 50 mile doing 9-5
Beating the p_ssy like he ain't got 9 lives
And I'm high, mix Ciroc and some blunts, cause you only live once
Cause you only live once [x3]
Once, once

[Verse 1: Joey Bada$$]
White girl wasted, my wife girl hate it
'Cause when I'm faded I just wanna
See her naked
Adjust adjacent, like baby let me see your matrix
Kama Sutra, back to basics
Since I was on the go, back to the block
105 on, started bumpin' Hard Knock
I looked at my n_gga Fly, as my heart dropped
Sedan in front swervin' as the car stopped
In that split second, my foot steppin' breakin'
I thought to myself, I always knew that I would make it
All it took was patience, and now I'm on the stations
Luckily I made it right before my life was taken
It was too good to be mistaken for happiness and riches
People callin' my phone, like they happy that we did it
Little did they know I was 'bout to meet my maker
Till an angel came down and told me that my time was later


[Verse 2: Smoke DZA]
Riiiiiight, f_ck it
Pass the deuce, 'member creepin' through the 'jects
Had to, stash the deuce in my 40 'Low boots
International, my bread is well earned
L's burn, smash hoes in Melboure
Light skinned jawn, look like Chanel Imon
One night, got her hooked, like I'm heroin
Vintage Vans and puffin' on chron
Posted, lookin' like a slimmer Daron
Give me some to a 112 song
Smoke a n_gga like a Newport Long
Pass off to my man, be a baton
'Cause it ain't no if fun if the homies don't get none
Right, it's like ballin' on a bitty
Bunch of bad b_tches from different cities
Illest n_ggas in New Yiddy
Kush God, Joey Bada$$, relax and stack the skrilly


[Verse 3: Joey Bada$$]
Late night cruisin', fusing the green with the cuban
So swift we moving through clouds intruding
Celestial Nubians, known them since
I was a Brand Nubian and they influenced him
And now it's new beginnin's, catch me sinnin' in Sin City
Sittin' and spinnin' and spittin' in ya city
Swimmin' in ya bitty, f_ckin' the kitty and breasts
Got protection in the vest, but still penetrate correct
Confess, I got the remedy for these b_tches
The Jack and the sack and ejac and some intellect
And [?] all we do is flex on the weekends
They upset cause I learned how to flex on the weakest
And in my strength they drenched in they trenches
The face of my terrace is gold, leaving fences and the coal
And I know all you n_gga's weaknesses
Through my threshold, sight on some instinctive sh_t


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