Dsl Da Special List - Joey Bada$$

Puffing on that Eucalyptus
You can lift this d_ck in between your lipstick
If your eyes ain't low like Ralph Lipsh_tz ,you dipsh_ts
Even the polices want me cause I rip sh_t
Puffing that piff sh_t, Blow out five O's like the Olympics
Evadin' on a rip stick yelling "Eat my dust"
When cars for breakfast and lunch don't get ate 'til dusk
I spit it hotter than the days it don't get dusk 'til eight
And when you born in a maze, you learn to duck those strays
I know gang homies who wait around to buck those Tre's
But me, I chose to skate around, ya know, Bust those tre's
They get bucks, get paid, They get b_tt, get laid
N_ggas who ball and shine hard, they get cut, catch fades
You see, I was one of those kids who stayed up passed late
So when it's time for school, I got up and still passed, great
Get passed- I forgot my line
I do it nonchalant, Spit it through the wire like I'm Chaka Khan
I been killing 'em, Your b_tch been feeling him
Ya'll can't be serious like films Ben Stiller in
Nobody iller than him at the top of his adrenaline
Flow sweet like cinnamon, Name a chick that I ain't swimming in
Uh, got flow for days, I'm sure to get paid if
They hate the price on son's life, it's sure to get raised
But there's no break when I got you pinned in
Said it uno, dos, tres then fin, I let him swim with like
Mad fishes, In the cut like mad stitches
I know you mad b_tches mad how my style switches
So, frequently be freaking MC's with these frequencies
These freaking trees got me soaring over freaking seas
Too many freaking G's claim they make that deus pop
Please, the only thing you ever squeeze was your juicebox n_gga
And you know it, cause real G's don't have to show it
Got your head in the clouds, big homie gotta get you focused
But no, it's all a part of the business, don't take it personal
It must be hurting you to know I could be merkin' you
At will, whenever I feel, this sh_t get realer
Foe squealers give the beats out to the n_gga Dilla
I shine like crystals, Never held a pistol
Never packed a tool, but that don't mean that I won't fix you
Who is you? I don't give a F, I do it effortless
Tell your messengers, they can get opened like beverages
Da f_ckin' specialist

I bet all you mother f_ckers gonna remember this, yeah

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