Escape 120 - Joey Bada$$ feat Raury

[Hook - Joey Bada$$:]
An ode to the worst of my days
I've been working away
But the sky's been looking so gray
Sometimes I really need to get away, yeah
I just need to get away, yeah
I just need to get away, yeah
Sometimes I really need to fly away

[Verse 1 - Joey Bada$$:]
I could never forget them gloomy days
Although I regret where my time was played
If I could go back, some things would be changed
And I would know that, for a fact, it was fame
That drew me to this unfamiliar side of my brain
That withdrew me from familiar and the closest remains
Although I'm gaining ends now, I'm loosing friends
They say that time is money, and my time is well spent
Girlfriend hit me up to chill, but does this sh_t make sense?
And I don't expect for you to know if you ain't paying rent
I got to make this album, and hold it down for my camp
Surrounded us all like bonfire
When I lay a verse down that's born fire
I was born fire


[Verse 2 - Joey Bada$$:]
Went outside this morning, morning, uh
Seen the sky was falling, falling, yeah
Old man no longer snoring, snoring, ah
The rain just won't stop pouring, pouring, uh
Whats heaven's capitol like, like, li-like
Maybe I can crash tonight, night, night
Cause I'm trapped inside this hell, hell, hole
God, please answer your cell, cell, phone
I'm coming home tonight, can't touch no microphone tonight
Outside my comfort zone tonight
My brain's blown my dome tonight
Tonight's the night, don't you try to put up a fight
Don't you trying looking for life
Cause I'm bout to take that flight


[Verse 3 - Raury:]
Indigo father, meant to go farther
And travel across the water and park at a million dollars
I am the spirit, I am the guava
You sippin' out of your coconut beverage in the Bahamas
Pardon me mother, pardon me father
I'm glad that you spared a part of us, part of my firestarter
Along with n_ggas, b_tches, and ballers
And people that look down on me like they so taller
I go harder, I go smarter, the flow's water
Like [?] how to rob a [?] dollar, every single piece of change
Movin' to the woods so I never ever change
Lose a couple things but I never ever change
I probably miss some money but I never ever change
And they can say whatever but I never ever change
I feel I understood what the stars wanna say
I'm brain battered from scattering every Saturday
Pitter patter with people that really matter
And I'mma f_ck her regardless cause I'm a kid right?
That's why you can't spell summer without trouble
Stripper with no bubble, threesome with no double
Love without hate, life without pain
This without that, choice without thought
A dog with no day, a Seattle without rain

[Outro - Raury x2:]
If it rains in Seattle
I'll [?] with lil' n_gga, can ride with ya n_gga
Fly with ya n_gga, high with ya n_gga
Ride with ya n_gga, survive with ya n_gga
Say, if it rains in Seattle
I'll take you 'round the world on a Sunday
With me, one day, one day, one day, one day, one day

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