Joey Bada-Fantom - Joey Bada$$

The force will be with you always
Yo, Nicki can't even rap

You could catch me on the Kawasaki, evadin' paparazzi
I was spotted with a hotty, gettin' blumpkin in the porta-potty
Feelin' like the man, but nose still snotty
And she knows I got hoes, but still want me to body (the kitty)
I'm not kiddin', nor am I lyin'
Should've known I'd be achieving 'til I'm dyin'
You know I'm not buyin' sh_t, keep supplyin' d_ck
Quit all that cryin' sh_t, and stop denyin' it

She like, "I usually don't do this"
I said, "You're foolish, I heard you did it to like half of the students"
I checked her quick, I threw her down, she intercepted it
And I ejected it, she swallowed and digested it. I jetted quick
No time for a marriage, baby in a carriage
I'm all about my cabbage, something like a rabbit
I'm trying to feed my ear a few carats but they ain't tryin' have it
They rather, see me die before they see me fly
With diamond supply fly and the jeans blue dye
That's over heads like rainbows
We ain't no hoes, you dodo birds, 4-0 verbs, you porno nerds
I got my own religion so f_ck what your pastor sayin'
Hard sh_t up in your hands like You're masturbatin''
It's the pre-ejaculation squad, we be raping ya'll, duct-taping then taping ya'll
Just for evidence, send it to your residence
A bunch of f_cking rebelist who never learned they etiquette

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