Little Rachel - Joey Bada$$

uh uh
uh uh uh uh

I swear this sh_t ain't right uh uh uh uh

I don't even know you and I hate you
All I know is that my moms used to date you
I hate the motherf_cking God that f_cking made you
I take that back, sorry Lord but f_ck him I'm thankful
Think about it, I could've of been your little angel
Tuck me in at night's and help me with my times tables
And read me fables, I swear this sh_t is painful
I hope you in jail, n_ggas ripping up your anal

That's little Rachel, 5'4 eyes hazel
She the type to sell sex for them labels
She so confused, n_ggas zipping down her pants
She like "What to do?"
She won't refuse, cause she don't want them blacks and blues
On her eyes, for they have seen so many lies
So many times, and cried so many cries
She got dreams, wanna be seen on the movie screen
Live out in Hollywood, and act like it's probably good
And she probably could, she probably would
But she stuck in the hood
Mama's on crack, jobs ain't calling her back
She fading away into the black
Into the darkness, her baby brother half retarded
And the land-lord want them out of the apartment
By April, and it's like April
She don't deserve this she's sweeter than maple
Since the cradle, she wanna leave
You see she can but she's just not able

That's little Rachel
That's little Rachel
That's little Rachel

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