Summer Knights - Joey Bada$$

It's been a minute since they seen a style with no gimmicks
Clouds is they limits cause we in 'em; eyes low
Squinted, more Ls but we winning acting like it's
Hard to find women when I'm in these hard-to-find linens
Remember those days it was hard to find a living
But now we got ants, and it's only the beginning
Big pimpin', pull a dime, drop 'em for they innocence
Skate like mens' flow, sweet like cinnamon
He a child, but they treat him like a bigger man
Cause when the pen in his hand, he bake 'em up like he Jigga man
Know you see him in the mirror fam, the ones you say
You ain't hot but your biggest fan like, "N_gga, damn."
Before he got popular, he bit the man
With your chick in the cam, rolling through an Instagram
Got it with the grams, everybody say they dissed a fan
Know the haters too jelly, but f_ck it though; it's the jam
It's the f_ckin' jam

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