I Think You Might Like It - John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John

Here comes my hometown
It's so good to get my wheels down
I'm coming home tonight
Here comes that magic
That spell of Christmas Eve
There's nothing you can do
When you're having fun to sleep

My mind is going
A little crazy knowing
You're coming home tonight
I can't help smiling
To strangers on my street
I'm singing to myself
And tripping over my own feet
I'm coming home

I've got a little plan for you
I think you might like it
Let's do a little dance for two
I think you might like it
And then we're gonna hideaway
Making up all night
And we can cry tomorrow
Wash away so wonderful why
I think you might like it

Oh baby I kind of like
So many got to come by
Hey I'm coming home tonight
Your mama's gonna swinging
Do you hear what I hear
And in a little while she'll be swinging from the chandelier

No stopping at the ways
Tickling the ivorys
I'm coming home tonight
Whole town gonna be there
It will be a squeeze
You better put your sleigh
In a holding pattern Santa please
I'm coming home

[Repeat Chorus]

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