Forever - Juliana Hatfield

Red light
Red light
Go to green
Don't make me cry
Don't make me scream
And don't think I don't know
It's already 10:43

I could pray
Or toss and turn all night long
But it hurts
And I know no one that I know
Will see me here

Just one more then I'll quit forever
You're a secret
I try to hide
But people see it in my eyes
And in the way I can't concentrate

When I need you
I think I know how much I've thrown away
If I had you now
I think I'd be okay
I'm just letting go
So I can breathe

Just one more then I'll quit forever
Red light went to green
And now I don't feel anything
Don't think I don't know it's really bad for me
I can't live my life
You're dragging me down
My heart pounding
Is the only sound

If I wake up tomorrow
You'll be gone
Just one more
Then I'll quit forever
And ever

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