Paradise - Kaci

Could it be the little things you do to me
Feelings that I'm feeling are so meant to me
I'm goning through so many changes
Nothing ever felt as strage as
How my heart goes crazy when you look at me

* When I'm with you its paradise
No place on earth could feel so nice
Through the crystal waterfall I hear you call

** Just take my hand its paradise
You kiss me once I'll kiss you twice
As I gaze into your eyes i realize its paradise
Ooohhh yeah

Now I know the sweetest dreams can all come true
Cuz I found heaven here on earth when I found you
Its nothing I can ever make up
Oh I hope I never wake up
Just to find this isn't true reality

[Repeat * , **]

The world around us dissapears without a trace
Telling me that I have found the perfect place
Let us stay this way forever deep in love
And may I never
Spend another day w/out you close to me

Ohhh Paradise
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

[Repeat ** , **]

As I gaze into your eyes I realize its paradise
Oh yeah
Oh (its paradise)

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