Go Ahead - Karen Clark-Sheard feat Missy Elliot

Stop thinking the worst
Be more of a winner
If you wanna set your mind to it
Then believe God for it

Stop thinking you lossed
When the game ain't even started
You'll never get it if you can't see it
Before you ever receive it

Now dance if you can believe it
Let's dance before you get it
Go getters will reap it so better
Don't talk but be about

Go ahead, go ahead, go ahead
Don't think about it
Go ahead, go ahead, go ahead
Don't worry about a thang
Go ahead, go ahead, go ahead
Have faith in Him
Go ahead, go ahead, go ahead
Go get what's yours

Stop thinkin' you can't
Be more of a soldier
Believe you are more than conquerors
Through Him that loved us

Stop lookin' to man
He's limited and understanding
He might have the same problems
And he may need the same answers



You've been thinkin' 'bout some extra dollars
All you gotta do is scream and holla like you got it
It's on it's way go on and get your dance on
You've been thinkin' 'bout some peace and favor
All you gotta do is keep the faith and you'll get it
Yeah, keep the faith

Missy Rap:
Hold up stop...now wait a minute
Ain't no stoppin' 'til yo Missy finish
Turn my mic up so the whole church can hear it
Ain't no talk about it we gon talk about it
Let's work it, we gon work it
We gon praise, dance all up in the churches
And we gon rock the service
All night 'till the pastor do a sermon
Now hop, slide
Step to the right you try
Now hop, slide
Praise Him all night, we ain't tired


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