Better off Alone - Katharine McPhee

One thing I'm wonderin'
When you run out of friends
Will you be coming back home?

Let's think this through again
Let's take a different spin
Why can't I leave you alone?

Somewhere tonight, you may be found
With some other girl you've been draggin' around
You lie to yourself, and you lie to me
It sems like the truth is your worst enemy

Cause Baby I'm tired, tired of the fight
I'm tired of the lonely days and the dark endless nights
It's taken some time, cause I didn't know
If I could ever let you go
You helped me figure it out...I'm better off alone

I may be found, somewhere tonight
Cursing the day you walked into my life
What's done is done, I can't change time
But I'll be damned if I'm not gonna try


But every now and then, my heart gives in
To the hope that someday you'll change
Then alone I'll wake, to my own mistake
That it's just a foolish game

Chrous X 1.5

Last thing before I go
Something I've got to know
Boy, did you ever love me?

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