Connected - Katharine McPhee

I'm blind folded on this carriage ride
that they call life keep trying to make it through that next turn knuckles white and holding tight
so here i go taking the curve but i know that I'm never alone i think of you and how you never let me go
i feel connected(connected)
it's like you're sitting right with me all the time you hear me(you hear me) you're near me(you're near me) and everything is gonna be alright cause nothing can break this nothing can break this tie connected
It's not an accident the time we spent apart but now we're so close i can always find you right here in my heart you've given me something i need and i don't ever want it to end because of you i know i found my strength again(chorus) connected connected inside
every time that i breathe i can feel the energy reaching out flowing through you to me and me to you make a dream walk a step you are everywhere i am separate souls unified touching at the speed of love oh love yeah
connected connected inside connected connected inside

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