Hold on to Your Dreams - Keith Urban

Monday morning another workin' week ahead
Friday seems so far ahead
The clock keeps ringin', gotta get up out of bed
Maybe this could be the day
Motivation, well it keeps you holon' on
Every step of the way
Headin' in the right direction when you think you're turnin' wrong
Lookin' out for when you stay
So hear what I say
There's no other way, you gotta

Hold onto your dreams
Cause someday baby
Your ship is gonna come in so
Hold onto your dreams
Cause everything you see
Comes true if you believe in holding
On to your dreams

Well I know sometimes it's hard to see the light
Shinin' at the tunnel's end
And thought the road just goes on and on for miles
So now and then remember


Just like your eyes are the window to the soul
Dreams are the highways that lead to your goal
Hold on, hold on, You've got to hold on, hold on


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