If Ever I Could Love - Keith Urban

I used to cry out in the middle of the night
baby hold me tight
but there was no one beside me when i opened my eyes
now i turn the corner of those days and nights
something inside me changed and i think i might
be starting over
& I don't wanna run
oh no, cause you might be the one.

baby, if ever i could love
i think it could be you
if ever thought i found somebody so true
i wonder if you feel
the same way that i do
if ever i could love
i think it could be with you

you know i can't read your mind love
but it seems to me
that your heart and mine tonight are
defying gravity
the somethings so familiar
and so unknown
the closer we get i swear it feels like coming home
and im ready to be brave
oh yea and you look at me say baby

CHORUS (Repeat twice)*

I was scared to love again
till the day that came
when she walked out of my life
i got hurt so bad
i swear i'd never let another inside this heart of mine
but you touch my hand and every plan that i had
disappeared like a fallen star
there's a new beginning and i'm moving to the rhythm
of a beating braver heart
a braver heart
if ever i could love, oh oh
if ever i could love, yea yea

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