Promise to Love - Kem

Baby come walk with me
Cause you've been away too long
I can live selfishly
And I know
I was wrong
Oh I embrace it, completely
My life has new meaning, yeah
Baby I charish you

And I promise to love

Now it's crazy to me
I been runnin' all this time
You waited patiently
On a love, you would not find
Darling I need you so deeply
And your love, has set me free, yeah
Baby I treasure you

And I promise to love

Women I care for you

And I promise to love

Can we go all the way
You bring peace to my world
I would do anything
You're my love, you are my girl
I, I can see what your heart has been asking
Do you believe this is love everlasting
Then darling I'll marry you

And I promise to love

Alright, baby
Hey girl I promise you, yes I do yeah
I promise to keep you girl
Promise to have and hold ya
See I'll never leave ya darlin'
And I promise to love you girl

See you're love is a good thing
And I need you every day, it's true
Baby, baby, baby, baby
I charish you, yes I do girl
You're the badest women every known
The sweetest thing I've every had, yes you are
And I want to thank thank you baby
For lovin' me, and changin' me, and savin' me

You see I was lost, I was lonely
But you can in and turned it all around girl
You light up my life, yes ya do
You're the song of my heart
The joy of my soul

And I'm gonna love girl, I am
I'm going to be good to you darlin', I will
Let the Lord shine his light on our love as we move on down the road together girl

Baby, baby, baby, baby
Can I love you all the days of my life
Hey girl I treasure you, yes I do, yeah
Can you hear me callin out your name
Can I give you all the things that ya need
Can I give ya all the love that you want
If you can stand it, baby

I will always love ya baby
I will always trust in you
I will always be there for you
And I swear to you, I'll never lie to you girl

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