Share My Life - Kem

Makes any difference
I still love you girl
You're my weakness
You changed my world

Share my life
Trust in me
You're all I want
Everything I need (baby)

Makes any difference
I give you all my heart
Girl my sun sets
Anywhere you are

Maybe I'm a dreamer
You're still my queen
Your love's like a river girl
Runnin' right through me

Share my life
Trust in me
Everything you need

Your my dream and my joy
My heart belongs to you girl
So i sat down one day and
I wrote this song
Cause i need u in my world

Share my life baby

Hey girl, U can trust in me girl
Baby, ur all i want, baby, baby, ur
Everything i need
Yeah, I really mean it baby
Hey girl, I'll give u what u want babe,
Baby, Hey if u want it u can have it
Baby its yours listen i want u right here in my world
Here in my life here in my soul
I want the world to know, that i need u
Baby, I believe you
Girl, I'll never deceive you

Share my life baby
Share my life baby,
Share my life baby
Share my life girl
Share my life bayaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa yeah

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