4 Legs and a Biscuit - Kevin Gates

Forensic whipping in court, still considered a sport
On the phone. we ball here, I'm watching King of New York
Kendrick Sheamus, Tay Swimmer, the greatest I ever saw
All team turn sour, n_ggas trying to get off
Caught slipping, blicked the biscuit administered in the court
I'm a dog, worst place to get heaters while in the court
Pull it hold it my liquors, I'm itching, bank to the court
B_tch, I'm whipping, pitching a fig, yelling Kevin Bacon the court
You know how I spit em
Visits, I'm on the run trying to get to heaven
Baby mama problems, every night tryin to fix it
Flashin out, flippin, taters, broke every dish in the kitchen
The devil living in me, I'm contemplating to end it
Spray face in 20 years, but that's what they try to give em
D.R said that I don't, therefore charging caught with that dealing
Back when we was little, the one is a bigger dealer
Innocent making faces and they wonder why I ever did em'
Whoever think that we grow up and turn off to be killers
Barrel extensions, tool it down as it slithers
Compact in my jacket even flitchin my hitchin
Shot two hard in the heart, my emotions are ruined
Too hard to trust I don't give a f_ck, won't open up to no woman
Take my lick and keep pushing, don't try playing me p_ssy
They all 15 with the ippy, laying down in the bushes
Won't say no name but some saw me get a pound of them cookies
TTGATTG, L.I.F.E, I'm with it
If shawty bust a p_ssy hoping no commitment, I sinned it
Lord forgive me I'm finnin' I come to you as a sinner,
Take all my scars, take my heart turn me into a Christian,
Bright n_gga, in the payment like my last name was Griffin
Popeye his chicken
I just want 4 legs and a biscuit
I always shoutout my kites, all my n_ggas, and forces
Stuck to the cold
Even when the pressure on, we ain't folding
Let's get it all

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