Thinking with My Dick - Kevin Gates feat Juicy J

[Hook: Kevin Gates]
Got money, retarded
Don't want her if it don't clap when she walking
Not too pretty in the face, but she super thiiiiick
I'm just thinking with my d_ck
My sh_t dumb
I'm just thinking with my d_ck
My sh_t dumb
I'm just thinking with my d_ck

[Verse 1: Kevin Gates]
Skip the line, on my mind
VIP going mad
Bandz a make her dance
With a bag full of zans
Got my Vans in advance
Acting bad on them tabs
Pants cost a grand
Put that ass in my hands
Duffel bag full of cash
She a model? I'mma get her
Seen 'em now
She stop, popped, and squat by the zipper
Thinking out loud
My d_ck probably trynna kill her
Helpin' somebody
The b_tch wiped off the liqour
Going live
Long hair, shawty ride like geranimo
Sayin' I got the gas
I ain't talkin' 'bout conical
Knock the whole click down
I'm talking like dominoes
One hit wonder
When we finish, adios


[Verse 2: Juicy J]
Me and this b_tch ain't gon' make it to the suite
I'mma put her on her knees right here VIP
I'm a dog ass n_gga, I'm not f_cking with no fleas
If I saw that b_tch again, I probably won't even speak
And why you taking care of that b_tch?
Wait 'til you find out that we sharing that b_tch
Head trippy with your girl and her girlfriend
Bet you never even knew she was a lesbian
Man that girl swallow nut like an elephant
Stupid n_gga, probably thought yo b_tch was celibate
Like a dentist with a drill, I be digging in they mouth
First they swallow all my children then I kick them b_tches out


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