Bet I'm on It - Kevin Gates feat 2 Chainz

[Hook: Kevin Gates (2 Chainz)]
Whip through the dash
Some thing on my wrist is blinging
Got a bad b_tch in my ride
But the whole time I'm still thinking
(Bet I'm on it
Bet I'm on it
This ain't no motherf_cking lease, I bet I own it)
Smoking green and I'm leaning out the liter
I'm the flyest n_gga living in the whip while I'm still thinking
(Bet I'm on it
Bet I'm on it
This ain't no motherf_cking lease, I bet I own it)

[Verse 1: Kevin Gates]
Respect none of your lies
Got a tampon on my line
P H lovers on offset but p_ssy hater good try
Double sip, double cup, double parked it this time
Double taking, taking place on a double date, she got ass shots
Bartender she can have shots, take her home give her back shots
Hustle really hard never made it with a sport
Five hundred four grams and you never woulda thought
Eighteen ounces made it with a fork
Loved in the hood but I'm hated in the court
When the ball hit the rim that's a miss
Come to think about it wait, that's a brick
Three hundred eight balls coming, no assist
Aw here we go again, mind on dope again
Cuffs on my wrist tell the [?] I don't know again
Insecure about his ho again
Foreign on them inches take your b_tch cause she was taking interest
Ladle licker neighbor kisser [?] from the area


[Verse 2: 2 Chainz]
I ain't with all the arcades
Stalked her out like a shar-pay
F_cked your girl for an appetizer then f_cked again for an entree
Southside where I came from, murder rate on the rise
N_ggas will murder for food they might as well hold up a sign
I get minez, spell it with a "z"
N_ggas sleeping on me: z, z, z
I wake them n_ggas up, take them n_ggas' cut, ate them n_ggas' lunch, EBT
See my movements is a movie, good head soothes me
And I love group sex, hell yea I'm a groupie
If sex is a weapon, hit her ass with that Uzi
Told her to wipe me down, hit her ass with that Boosie
Then we got trippy, hit her ass with that Juicy
Had sex with her raw, hit her ass with that sushi


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