Hero - Kevin Gates

Got on white drawers
Hope I don't sh_t myself
Got my brick watch me sh_t myself
Toothaching up in this b_tch
Shawty smoking boo koo loud
They free my phone
Won't leave you lone

[Hook x2:]
A coward dies a thousand times
And a soldier dies uno
Immortals die zero, zero zero zero
Left up to me I'd rather die a hero

[Verse 1:]
Choppas out go blaaat kapow
Let me catch you slipping and you ride up on em
Riding round the median see us speeding
While chief grinning these tires shreeching out
One more fool stomach so unfull
Bet it don't look good when them heaters easing out
Lived everything you can seem to speak about
That's your b_tch I ain't mean to freak her out
See what the desert eagle beak about
All I know is c_caine
My uncle been to jail free Lee Luke
Product of the dope game
Thinking back its just retrospective
Few people need to be reprimanded
Thugging bad with a bag of cash
Shoutout to Fee I got duffle bags
I survived shots with the gun cocked
Found out who it was I was unshocked
Played hot blocks let cops watch
Stacked money for a house now I run shop
That nine up in this b_tch
Blowing Ryan up in this b_tch
P_ssy rappers smile but they pissed
All they rhymes sounding like sh_t
And I'm the sh_t

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2:]
Say Gates my girl just cheated on me
F_ck that b_tch that's her lost
Look at it like that's another n_gga problem
In New York they call that a jump off
Your d_ck will hate a good jump off
Choking smoking my lungs off
My bare b_tch don't run cross
Spray the pump off make it slump y'all
Like a millionaire and I'm vision impaired as if all I can see is the loot
Beautiful women prepared for whatever I ask and they staring at me and my crew
No disrespect was intended for Kendrick Lamar don't know sh_t about liquor and pools
While in the water they giggling twos watch I hinder the threesome and lick her in pools
Follow me you
N_ggas in twitter expressing they feelings because all they b_tches unfollowing you
Talking that silliness not comprehending it what the f_ck I look like talking to you
This ain't Street Fighter I'm not good at kicking it you must look at me like Ken or Ryu

[Hook x2]

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