Hold It Down - Kevin Gates

That n_gga that is stupid as a motherf_cker

If I'm a dog on a leash this the right song
Love is free we can get it with the lights on
Love the way you get on top of me as you can see I mean know you down
Love the way you hold me when you hold it down
I told her not to mess around with gangsters
Out of her league I think she's falling for a game, woah, oh oh oh
Love the way you hold me when you hold it down

[Verse 1: Kevin Gates]
Every morning I feel her tweet, kush and coffee
Really into the way that I kiss her p_ssy softly
Body language expressive, I got her p_ssy farting (Pfft)
My bad, probably shouldn't say that
Probably should have each one of my fingers where your waist at
Inches killing her slowly while we do it in slow motion
Love when I pull her hair while doing donuts on the sofa
Marijuana's my cologne if you pick up on my aroma
Habits that gravitated, we sexually stimulated
How the f_ck was we just laughing at McLovin' making out in public
Now we out in public holding hands
Saying if you need somebody who can please your body, I don't see nobody but me
And both our hearts are pounding legs wrapped around me
Want you naked in my bedroom scene, just want you naked in my bedroom


[Verse 2: Kevin Gates]
I love the way your body smell like the scent of a nectarine
Cancelled everything, on the agenda
Who'd ever think, I'd be checking for someone or even being so intrigued
By something that don't even meet the criteria of the women that I used to love
So confused though encounter difficulty
Hoping you can help me through with those, things
Life switching it's night or morning with curtains open
Get through the boxes notice
The front of my shirt was soaking
Love to go in slow motion
I'm busting that p_ssy open
We sweating f_cking the sheets
You scratching me when I'm deep
That ass clapping for me while
I stick my tongue in-between
Your nipples look like erasers
Look how you lookin' at me, grab your neck
Ready, set, grip your toes and kiss on your feet
Make your inner thighs, 69
You could be underneath
I'ma dog make you like those I love it when we naked my faces we should leave lights on


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