Keep Fucking With Me - Kevin Gates feat Plies

[Hook: Kevin Gates]
Be-be-be cool, y'all must wanna see me incarcerated
Stepping on my shoes, really wanna see me incarcerated
Take sh_t from who, make the news, get incarcerated
B_tch n_gga like you, act a fool, I get incarcerated
Keep f_cking with me, show you what I'm gonna do
Keep f_cking with me, what you wanna do?
Keep f_cking with me, show you what I'm gon do
B_tch n_gga like you act a fool, I get incarcerated

[Verse 1: Kevin Gates]
Fell out (ugh), Feel like I'm the life of the party (ugh)
Can't say this enough, I go dumb, retarded (ugh)
My lungs, they coughing, loaded in this b_tch
Take off my shades, look at my eyes, they probably rolling in this b_tch (WHO DAT)
Breadwinner Gang
Look who taking off, You got something on your mind but believe I could take it off
In the body shop with meka talking threesomes, knock it off
Ha cousin Tisha house in monticino
D_ck I drop it off


[Verse 2: Plies]
Yea boy, from being real ya'll f_ck n_ggas wanna get nominated
Just bought me a new AR that last one I had that b_tch got confiscated
Last n_gga got pistol whooped n_gga foe him got home invaded
Think I'm p_ssy try me p_ssy let's see who wind up in the news paper
Yeen silly n_gga
You know wat I'm gone do
Pull up on ya ass, jump out in that Martin suit
Feel I got it, feel I owe you, then guess what then take it n_gga
Foned on ya ass first shot then I'm faking n_gga


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