Narco Trafficante - Kevin Gates feat Percy Keith

Yo me llamo Luca Brasi
Yo mato por nada
Yo tengo muchas pistolas, cabron
Yo tengo cocaina, marijuana, y lo que tu necessita
Numeros bueno
If you having trouble translating what the f_ck I just said, go get Rosetta Stone
Puta, pendejo

[Verse 1:]
Passionate about crack sales, people wonder if I have a cracked head
See OG and freelow, don't ever call em no crack head
Brap brap, cracked legs, broke ribs, cracked head
Me cleavin' to the white meat, cracked eggs
Pots, pans, still objects, non-stick, district court
Nonsense child support, tryna settle things outta court
Luca brasi a mobster, chill get thrown in ya collarbone
Broken nose and a collarbone, neck look like a xylophone
Sick a being bothered p_ssy artist you can blast off
When I was broke I was a joke, I couldn't die far
Wrong number, call a b_tch, I get the dial tone
Now my dipping game away from getting smiled [?]
Cheeks, cheeks, or should I say no teeth
Been on the streets for 14 months and I ain't miss a beat
White girl wasted, a couple want me to cuddle
Need them bills to pay her bill, she love my lil' brother Chuckie
Booty club transaction in traffic saying they love it
OG car moving blocks boxing impuddle
Down sag hood, out the hood I suffer concussions
Why receive a past protection, no fumble, touchdown, or nothin, go

B_tch I run the streets, don't talk to police
Say what's my name perdon mi no habla ingles
B_tch I run the streets, mi no talk to police
Say what's my name perdon mi no habla ingles
Narco trafficante, narco trafficante
Ti quiero cocaina mi familia es mi hombre
Narco trafficante, narco trafficante
Te quiero cocaina mi familia es mi hombre

[Verse 2 - Percy Keith:]
I know I'm the sh_t like my sh_t don't have a stench
And all my hoes are ratchet like I don't have a wrench
And all my hoes are in the game like I don't have a bench
And they gimme so much brain, them hoes don't make no sense
And my white girl in the kitchen work her wrist like Rachel Ray
I don't see no black and white, I see 50 shades of grey, yeah
C_caine and jail, bars story of my life
I got 11 in the car, I hope amigo wrapped 'em right
I don't want these n_gga's b_tches so I'mma give 'em back to 'em
But they mouth game exclusive, I'm startin' to get attatched to 'em
B_tches on my d_ck, I got to ask 'em where my d_ck is
Shout out to my girlfriend, act like you ain't catch it
Benz truck, I'm loving it, I love it so much I f_ck in it
Am I tripping or is her p_ssy talkin', I swear it just told me to nut in it
Her p_ssy so tight I'm stuck in it, feel like she still s_cking it
I beat it until it young bleed like her, n_gga what in it


[Verse 3:]
B_tch I'm fresh up off my grind like a skateboard in this prime
Don't skateboard why lie, couldn't skateboard if I tried
I like trap houses and kitchens and love to f_ck with prescriptions
Got a bad b_tch and she [?], you'd prolly guess she a stripper
She kinda tall, got a long weave, her thighs thick and she slender
She play men but she really sweet, got pretty teeth and she tender
My mother's Puerto Rican with pistols, illegal tender
I ain't p_ssy like the son of the one on illegal tender
Gason Donald b_tch you play Willy Cooley I get you injured
Went to school, too busy focused on pigeons, we got suspended
Boyfriend ugly, girl I'm too cute to be going duffy
Keep that hifey sh_t from around me in public, could lead to scufflin'
Free zoah li jamalo while in the Roco republic
Still I thrive in the gutter, missing lives in the jungle
Pair of cleates dirty feet had to improvise when I'm probably
Boobly bumpy on a muscle, can't go aside from the hustle, no


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