Pourin The Syrup - Kevin Gates

I don't get tired...

[Verse 1:]
Broke another ten for the Bread Winner Brick Gang
Popping up pregnant, sIlly b_tch tryna trick Gates
Start selling p_ssy, maybe that'll get your rent paid
Come to think about it, don't you live with your mama?
I don't give a sh_t when I ride 'round the bottom
C_caine vet, pedal shifting on Highland
Boosie had a black Monte Carlo and a 'Burban
I was in a grey Monte Carlo and a Tahoe
He was doing shows, bad hoes up in [?]
I was speaking Spanish with the plug havin' convos
[?] ran lips, hit the line every morning cause they know I keep the lean by the carload
In the top, hit the boulevard solo
Big Right know I got soft for the low-low
In a drought, me and Nook, only ones had dope
N_gga blew my leg off for a nine-piece
Tried to grab the gun, couldn't get it, middle of the night
Had to fight for my life when you try me
Connecting this year, we'll mark my n_gga
I love my n_gga, I owe you one n_gga
Brookstown Richard, that's my little brother
Everytime I think about him, gotta tell him that I love him
Praying to the Lord that Car came from under that charge
Free my n_gga Head when I bow my head

Late night, when alone, can't sleep
I got too many problems
The weight of the world on my shoulders
Pray that heaven do something about it
The chick that I'm lovin'
Wondering who is she f_ckin'
The friends I got 'round me
Wonder which one of them sour
Pourin' the syrup, pourin' the syrup, pourin' the syrup
Pourin' the syrup, pourin' the syrup, b_tch I'm pourin' the
Pourin' the syrup, pourin' the syrup, pourin' the syrup
B_tch I'm pourin' the syrup
B_tch I'm pourin' the syrup, pourin' the syrup
B_tch I'm pourin' the syrup

[Verse 2:]
I was naive, thinking that I couldn't get hurt
Thought she was faithful, f_ck her but my d_ck burnt
Everybody laughed when I kissed her
I can't even lie, to this day still I miss her
We was on [?]
Used to go to sleep in the p_ssy on an air mat
Andre Harris talked bad behind my back
Even though it hurted, I ain't tripping, never mind that
Me and Darrell Harris in a stolen car thugging
You get out of line, he goin' put you in a puddle
Me and Brittney Harris in the side room cuddlin'
Eat the p_ssy while she on the rag, like "Yummy"
My daddy nephew, kinda make him my cousin
We was having lunch at Chimes when you told me that you love me
I ain't never back down from a fight in my life
Big Yock slapped you, you went and got your cousin
N_gga shot and missed, and I came back jumping
I was 13 when I put one under
Ask my mama, go ask my brother
Go on South 12th, and go ask Big London (shoutout)
Jamison and Gary and Will know the truth
I was selling crack with the cameras on the roof
You was never that, at the plant working turnarounds (turnarounds?)
Little Steve hittin' your b_tch from the back, matter fact
That's a fact, when I seen it, had to turn around
E-Dub, Dope Boy, Lil E, Big Mook
Me and Foots in my truck with the burners out
When you was on 3rd St., and ain't wanna squeeze
Pillow talking with your b_tch, tryna play me like I'm weak
Now I'm coming at your girl, top n_gga, no problem
You will never find out another thing about it
Come to think about it, got a coffee shop in Denver, Colorado
I'mma catch her when she visiting her mama
Ri-Ri, fine, you're old man hate me?
Can't rap like Gates, f_cking up lately?
Me, you, and Dreka oughta take a vacation
We can have a threesome after waking up in Vegas
Give you 50k, fail to mention what it came with
Eat, pray, making love, see the world baby
Breadwinners swim where I'm f_cking with a gangsta
You can model for my line, I can make you famous
Running from my tongue when I lick all in your anus
Intelligent the way I talk, vagina I contained it
Ever been ate, two mouths at the same time?
Ever had lips on your booty and your p_ssy
Got your body feeling mushy
When your water go to gushing
Brazillian wax, I don't like playing in the bushes
Pull your hair, smack it, bend back, get a whoopin'


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