Ugly But She Fine - Kevin Gates feat Master P

Gates winning for president
You all b_tch ass n_ggas already know what I'm hitting for
You know what it is with me man
You already know I go dumb
You know a whole lot of, yeah, you know

She ugly but she fine [x3]
And I f_ck her like she mine
F_ck your girl, she a poo poo b_tch
You oughta let a n_gga run a choo choo with
She pretty with no ass [x3]
And this n_gga think she bad
She pretty with no ass [x3]
S_cka n_gga think she bad

[Verse 1 - Master P:]
Me and Kevin Gates, we was flipping them off
While that n_gga talking sh_t, he was drinking it all
Until a shawty let it shake, let it pop
Now a n_gga back to the motherf_cking spot
Make that ass twerk like you trying to get cash
ATF come, then you better run fast
Shawty from the ghetto, but damn she bad
Call her Meagan Good, she the best I ever had
So drop it for a real n_gga back on the floor
Then she on the hood, on the motherf_cking Porsche
N_ggas go hard in the motherf_cking store
Shawty got to come back, make me want more
Now she's [?]
Find me in the projects pushing them things
Knowing I'm a real n_gga, so she keep it real
Knowing I'm a trill n_gga, so she keep it trill
She a bad b_tch


[Verse 2 - Kevin Gates:]
Imm'a give you this dance, it's not what hit
That beat came on, she rode that d_ck
Popping on a handstand, and did a split
Katey Red came on and she wop wiggy wiggy
Free throws, freak hoes, knees touching elbows
Lot of bands in my pants, fresh Adidas shell toes
Round the clock (keep getting it), whole block came with it
Get on top she with it, told her drop, she did it
Thighs hypnotize and I'm thinking she's a keeper
B_tch at home booje, I think I might leave her
She gon' make her booty clap clap to the beat
Ugly but she fine, and I think you might agree (Get em Gates!)
B_tch, fine ass girl, making songs about you
Ass cheeks so big, got your thong surrounded
Ass is so fat can't get my arms around it
If you pretty with no ass, get your ass from round me


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