Balls in Your Mouth - Kid Rock

Cruisin' thru town in my jacked up truck
eyes open cuz I'm scopin' for a big b_tt sl_t
One that I can take straight back to my house
and have her s_ck my d_ck and put my balls in her mouth
Now get, get with it looked across the street
I seen a slimmy in a skirt boppin to the beat
So I capped up my 40 threw it under the seat
rolled up on the freak and I started to speak
But before I could talk she go grabbed my d_ck
licked her lips and started talkin that porno sh_t
She said look here I know you're Kid Rock
then whispered in my ear "I wanna swallow your cock"
Well blow me up and then blow me down
cuz I think i just found the biggest freak in town
And now I can't wait to get her back to my house
set her down on her knees and put my balls in her mouth
Balls in your mouth
balls in your mouth; "U want my balls in your mouth"
Back to my crib with no delay
big grin on my grill and not much to say
Except her yo b_tch how's about
I drop my my drawers and put my balls in your mouth
Next the cutie started rubbin my back
then she put a finger right between my booty crack
So I grabbed her wrist quick and said hold up sl_t
"Ain't nobody stickin mothin in my b_tt"
Now right then I knew I had a ho and a half
and all I could do is sit back and laugh
Stare at the cceiling thinking about
this chick I just met's got my balls in her mouth
Balls in your mouth
balls in your mouth; "U want my balls in your mouth"
After I busted my nuts I drove her to the cut
she said "I hope you don't think that I'm a big sl_t,
And please don't tell anyone what we've been thru"
Next day I told the whole f_ckin crew
Spread the news thru the whole damn town
and to the chick it musta got back around
So I told the ho sorry and tried to make amends
but she tried to front me in front of my friends
Runnin off at the lip talking all that sh_t
that I'm a b_tch I'm a prick and that I got a small d_ck
I just waited till she walked away to shout
"F_ck you b_tch, u had my balls in your mouth!"

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