Rain Check - Kid Rock

You know how it is
Some guys just gotta make time to get their rocks off no matter what
I'm like that
Tearin up p_ssy every where i go
I'm Kid mother f_ckin Rock so what's up hoe?
You wanna get f_cked by me d_ck mick dangles
Then drop your funky drawers straight down to your ancles
And swing that big ass in my direction
For a little safe sex for the inspection
Cause though i'm mackin hoe's like Jyro Mackson
I'm learnin real quick gotta wrap my johnson
But just insace i hope your on the pill
Cause i been known to ride a p_ssy like bad boy Bill
And i hate to spill, or raise the stakes
And nutin all up in your sh_t if my rubber breaks
Now my d_ck rocks when i'm lickin all that gin
So spread your phony legs and let the games begin
Wait, hold up b_tch, say what's with the bad cough
I see ya right away, i think i'm gonna go jack off

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