Beautiful Tonight - Krystal Meyers

My eyes have a rosy glaze
(As darkness falls)
I'm dancing on a razor blade
(It's killing me)
Such a dangerous attraction
I'm flirting with fire
A desire reason just can't tame
I'm gonna regret this

It's the shadow inside my mind
And I'm in denial
I'm becoming quite a liar
Does that make me beautiful tonight?
(To someone)
In my sickness can you find me beautiful tonight?

The moonlight plays against my skin
(You found me out)
Midnight sometimes is my only friend
(Don't leave me now)
The hunger it eats me alive
I'm falling, dissolving
It's crawling into my veins
I'm gonna regret this

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, beautiful tonight

I don't want to stay this way forever
Can you make me beautiful tonight?

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