Beauty of Uncertainty - KT Tunstall

I need a mirror,
In the eyes of a man,
I need no protection from my bullet proof plan,

I've got a ticket,
For all that I lack,
You might think that I'm gone for good,
But I know that I'm comin' back

Sit at my table,
Sip from by bowl,
Feel like I know even now and I will do till I get old,
You might not see me,
Trust that i'll stay,
But there is no sense in travelling if we've already been that way,

Night isn't matter,
Hidden in grass,
Fight like alife depends on it,
Wait to see how long you last,
But you know better,
You stand your ground,
It might just sting a little,
She knows you're sticking around,

The beauty of uncertainty (x7)


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