Feels Good - Kyle

If it feels good
Jadaboo, this is for you

Well if it feels good, then go ahead and do it girl
You the only one, there's really nothin' to it girl
I mean there's hella dudes, but I'm like hella cute
And I'm like hella sad
Cause I've been really tryna f_ck you like hella bad
But you've been holding back
Is it because I'm black?
Or is it like some family issue you have with your dad?
Cause I can be that
And you can take my car as long as you bring the keys back
And when you bring them keys back, we can pull these sheets back
And I can show you the true meaning of getting teabagged
Nah, I'm just kidding, that's raunchy
That's not what I'm into
Look, sex is like music, and it's all instrumental
And I'd teach you them chords, just take off them shorts
Now here come the chorus, baby and we can record
Here's a pillow, you gon' need that
Like a sh_tty mic, like I ain't tryna hear no feedback
See it's a, a synthesize when I'm in between them thighs
A one-take date so we gotta get it right
So many great nights with me watching you on Skype
But the show is always better when you get to see it live
See I'm your biggest fan baby, I'm your biggest fan
I got a ego issue shorty, tell me I'm the man
Tell me how you feel, I'm just tryna understand
Baby you do what you want and I'm just doing what I can

Yeah, doing what I can
You do what you want and I'm just doing what I can
Got a ego issue shorty tell me I'm the man, man
It, it, it feels good

So um, let's live happily ever after
They think that they girl's the baddest, we both know your ass is badder
If I lost money I'd be sad, if I lost you girl I'd be sadder
I think we just need our space, we should buy a crib on Saturn
I heard real estate is cheap, health care is actually free
You only swim, you never sink, and Dasani comes out the sink
And all these n_ggas thirsty babe but you won't let them have a drink
I wish I could say the same, times like this I feel ashamed
One day I know that'll change
Maybe when I'm 25 or maybe when I'm 36 or maybe when I'm 48
Or maybe when I'm 80 we can finally have a baby
And get married and have a n_gga like Harry Potter
Similar just too his father
He'll be full of magic yo
In the bed are no magic tricks, I'll teach you some magic though
Yeah I got the magic stick, we should have a magic show
Houdini this weenie, I heard that you got the magic, doe
That's a little rated R, sorry for the little kids
That's how little kids are made, I-D-K what else to say
I been up a hundred nights, thinking of a hundred ways
So when I get the chance I can hit that ass for a hundred days
Baby please

Hit it a hundred ways
I been up a night tryna hit a hundred ways
If you let me hit it girl you'll never be the same
I know it
It feels good
If it feels good

It feels good
If it feels good

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