Focus on You - Kyle

You are the only girl that when I look into your face
It's like a trip to outer space
The way you take my breath away
And make me feel like I can fly
I'm so hypnotized by the things you say
The things you say
You say, you say, you say
The things you say
Say, say, say [x5]

Well hey girl, it's so insane girl
I'm so in love with all of the things you say girl
But hey girl I know this is like sorta like crazy
But if I could and you could and we could like maybe
Surpass expectations and give a demonstration
Of a committed relation to our loveless generation
And if you do, you can be mine
And if you don't it's totally fine, I'll just accept that I'm a dweeb
Perceed to go home in my room and cry
I'll close the door and I'll ignore the fact you're into other guys
And I'll wash away the pain with a million tears I cry
But if you do, baby if you do
I would like to give my entire life to you


Hey, wait, hold on, wait
Okay, let me f_cking say what I have to f_cking say
See I think that you're great, and a gift given from God
Now I believe that God is love and my love is what you are
And you know that it's true, and as pretty as you are
Focus in on every flaw, every wrinkle, every scar
And everything that you aren't
And the prettiest thing of all is that your nose is not fake
And your boobs are no facade
Baby, you truly are just everything that you are
And that's perfect
Because a silicon soul and a polyester heart
Makes the light inside kinda dark, yeah


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