This is a Hit - Kyle

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
Ever since day one (yeah)
Been on a mission to get these people what they want
They all needin', got them lining up like lunch (right)
F_ck coming in number two
I'm making number ones
Yeah n_gga I'm really real
I'm like really good as they come
One-fifty-five but my heart weighs a f_cking ton
I leaves em' crispy, it's only f_cking begun
Picture me fallin' off, these other n_ggas like, huh?
Wait wha, what?

[Hook x2:]
See I've heard it all before
They know not of what's in store
This is a hit and I'll make more
They'll come knockin' on my door

Yo doggy-do
You talking sh_t, and all of that's cool
But yo you can't deny the simple fact that I rule
And that's why I'm a star and you're still stuck in school
Well I'm just sayin' ya know
Jealous People, they talk a lot
Little dogs bark a lot
Me? I'm making hits from when it's sun up 'till it's dark a lot
Now I'mma keep em rollin'
Shout out my n_gga Granolan
Now I'm just beatin' up the beat until I leave the CD swollen

[Hook x4]

(Hey Kyle!)
Hey, uh
Hey um, I'll be right back. I'm gunna go and do this intro-thing, about the album and the meanings to life and whatnot. It's a beautiful thing when a loser gets to live his dreams, especially when you think there's not many of us video game dudes who end up like me. And I mean it's hard being a teen and just thinking like, f_ck I wanna sing. But I guess it's weird and I should have something to fear? Cause I was writing plays, instead of pounding beers. I told God tell me what you want me to be and I'll be it. There's a light and I see it. I swear it's true there these tunes and awkward dance moves, I can show it to you

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