It Aint Yo - L.G. Wise

It ain't yo cash yo, it ain't yo flow yo
I thought you should know, It ain't yo benz, it aint yo ice
It ain't yo, dough yo, another lost soul
Up at the crossroads, it ain't yo chains, it ain't yo rings(?)
It ain't yo ice yo, it ain't yo bling yo, I thought you should know
It ain't that drop top E-class, with them rims yo
Another lost soul, up at the crossroads

Regulatin' up in this thang
while you s_ckers hatin up in this thang
You might as well respect the game
'Cuz it's time to see a change
Talk about your flows and your clothes
And all your hos and your doughs
What about the ones with the holes in their souls
Only Heaven knows, how many of them kiled with the flow
And how you done lived with their dough
And with the sexcapdaes, and the escalades and the navigades, you know
Talkin about stayin away from the steel or getin killed
While you lookin at us harder than hard, like we ain't real
So I don't do this for the fame, and I don't do this for the game
Everything I do is from the heart, to see a change in Jesus name
That's why I'm prayin for my comrads, speek the word to this generation
Don't be decieved by this divination, or be fallen to this fornication


Chose God over pleasure, tell me where would I be
Shorties listen to this music, livin ghetto fantisies
And think they thuggin but really buggin
On the block where they sell, now theyself is all they huggin
While they locked in the cell,
See all the homies rollin thick, so they know that they want that
Got 'em lost in the hood with 20 to life and cant come back
Before you rollin like a 6-4, and you hittin a ditch
Before you come up in this thang like you gettin with this
And realizin it's a war, and go ahead and inlist
Too many people livin they life and never knowin the risk
And yo, it's spiritual, you cats that's fightin lyrical
I'm prayin for a change, but it's gonna take a miricle
It ain't that blow, it ain't that dank, it ain't that thai
It ain't that stank, it aint that No Limit tank
Or that Cash Money that rule, don't you know that Christ is rulin this fool
Runnin around and thinkin you cool, 'cuz you got your tattoos
But you ain't got a clue


For all the ones that's locked down
You claim you spreadin them love
But on the garbage that you spit, your message makin them thugs
And sendin them there, believe in the Bible I can't swear
Now how you care for their souls, all you want is girls and plenty of dough
It's like every other city you go and on these videos
Every time I turn around, it's the same nasty thing yo
Now back to the facts I'm steady dumpin on ya'll
You wanna ball until you fall, on Judgment Day you gonna crawl
Don't get me wrong shortie, I know you runnin from the call
That's why I'm prayin for you, Dogg, you can't hide from my Lord
Like I told you before, It ain't yo ice, it ain't yo bling
It ain't yo drop top E-class while you rollin on them thangs


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