9 to 5 - Lady Sovereign

Verse 1 -
I wake up late every morning, managers calling im still yawning,
get up, wake up, hair and make ups waiting for you, dont be stalling,
this performance is important, I dont think I can put my all in,
Hold on I was drunk last night, now its all kicking in and I dont feel right,
gave my number to a breh who wasnt my type,
now my phones on silence im being polite,
private callers get no love from me,
just let me be.

Chorus -
Oh my gosh, my days are getting longer and theres no turning back,
im working the nine to five just to keep my contract,
did I say nine I went one thirty I aint no early birdie,
Im lazy thats all I can say,
so make sure you heard me.

Verse 2 -
"so you gotta do some I dents for channel u",
channel who? Sorry im half way though a snooze,
Ohhh channel u the ones who made me huge,
like Katie prices boobs,
Whoops im being rude wheres my red bull and my sandwich, I need food,
I cant handle this, Im getting pissed like pampers,
throwing a tantrum, ACTION!!!!
Nah actually I would rather catch my zs and count sheep in my sleep,
awww lets not wake her she looks quite sweet.


Verse 3 -
so my label have changed my image,
Im a pink lipstick chick called dipstick,
this aint on my wish list, Oh sh_t,
Im in FHM posing in a bikini next to a Lamborghini,
next up the theme tune for tweenies,
Im presenting c beebies,
Err have you seen me??
Never again am I drinking lambrini,

Its alrite sov.. Its just a dream.. WAKE UP!!!


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