Real Love - Lee Ryan

Some people find it hard to see
But every time you look at me
No doubt about it
You are me we've got

Real Love, Cant stop it now
Real Love, Cant hold it down

Real Love, if i needed to
I'd give it all up for
Real Love, dont ask for more
Real love, im living for
Real love aha
And if you feel love
Put your hands together like this ya

The way that i feel about you girl
I wouldnt trade it
For all the money in the world
cause i can feel it
You and me we got

When i wake up in the morning
And feel you next to me
I know im blessed from above
Cause its all so clear to see
That I've got real love

The love I've got for my people
The love I've got for my family
The love I've got for my music
The love I've got foryou
This is real love.

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