All Eyes on Me - LeToya

Uh huh

[1st Verse (ad-libs in parenth.):]
I got you open baby
I know you like what you see
You looking at my body
Tryna sneak up on me
I peeped you staring from the (ooh yeah) time I walked
Through the door
I know you want me but I came to just
Hit the floor

All the boys in the club rock with me
All the girls body rock if you feel me
Cause tonight is the night for me to shine
And do it right

Cause I'm feeling like all eyes
On me
And I know that you
Want a piece of me
I'm feeling like all eyes
On me
The way my body moves
Is making you crazy

[2nd Verse:]
I got you feening for me
And you want me baby
I got you in the mood
It's getting hard to shake it
You're telling me you've never met a girl like this before
I got you wanting more
And you can't ignore


[Chorus (ad-libs):]
All eyes
Know that you
Piece of me
On me
My body moves


[Chorus to end]

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