All I Need To Know - LFO

You've been crying over that other guy
He played you, betrayed you
Like a fool with his games and lies
Open your heart girl I can make you see
Now close your eyes and come and soar with me
You need a man who?ll always be around
One who'll love you down

You say you don't want me to break your heart
I'll be good to you, I promise to girl
And if you want me to be in your life
Then just tell me so ?cause that's all I need to know

I'll hold you, console you
I'm just what you're looking for
He had you trippin' baby listen
Your lonely days are no more
Life without you, girl I can't conceive
Don't you know that you're the air I breathe
Just tell me baby, that you won't let go
That's all I need to know


I wanna be all of the things you are to me
So all I need to know is wherever I go,
You'll be loving me faithfully


Baby when I hold you in my arms
and look into your eyes
Just realize
That's all I need to know
So if you feel my flow
Come along and sing we're LFO


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