Baby Be Mine - LFO

Yeah, whatcha gonna do, huh?
Do you wanna be mine, do you wanna be mine
Baby, be mine, whatcha gonna do, baby be mine

I see you smilin'
But when he's around you be riley
What's the dilly? Situation be silly
Runnin' with him like Big Willie
When you wanna be with me
Basically I don't wanna hear all that
See you hurtin'
Why you gotta bear all that
When you should be with me and feel all that
Stop hesitatin', cause I'm your destination
Cell phones ring real late at night
You said he hurt you, ?pick me up, we had a fight?
(?okay I?ll get you?)
Cuz you know that ain't right
Keep the vibe real tight and make it all right
True dat baby, don't you know
That I'm here for you baby
What I gotta do to be near to you
Cuz all I wanna do is make it clear to you, clear to you

I know you know, that I care about you girl
And I want you in my world
So baby be mine
And you know I know that you care about me too
So tell me whatcha wanna do, baby be mine

Excuse my persistence
But I can't love you from a distance
Your resistance makin' it hard
But in an instance there you are
In my arms, can you feel my charm
(don't be alarmed) girl cause my love's da bomb
(don't be alarmed) girl I'ma keep you calm
Like Shai I'm your comforter
Why walk when you know I can run wit ya
Check it out, all I wanna do is make you feel alright
Love you all through the night as you hold me tight
And I bet that your feelings for him fade quick
When you're up in my mix, ain't a thing I can't fix
Caress your head with a sensual kiss
Baby rub on your back if you like it like that
What I gotta do to be near to you
Cuz all I wanna do is make it clear to you, c?mon


All my love for you, is in store forevermore
So if you want my days to shine
Do one thing, baby be mine

Check it out
I must admit that I got a love jones
Baby be mine, girl you won't be alone
Let me turn that frown upside down inside out girl
that's what I'm all about
And if you don?t mind take a chance with me
I guarantee I'll be the one you need
Cuz you know that I care about you
Baby be mine, cause my love is true


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