Outro - Limp Bizkit

You wanted the worst
You've got the worst
The one, the only
Limp Bizkit
We could've stopped
You wanted the best?
Then don't get the f_ckin Backstreet Boys CD!
Cause in this house it's Limp motherf_cking Bizkit!
Balls made of steel
But don't hit me in the nuts though
Limp Bizkit's in the house!
You ain't sh_t!

Guest: Les Claypool (Primus)
Hit me!
Fire cracker

So there you go
Fifteen of your hard earned dollars, right out the window
Most epxensive piece of plastic Ive ever come across
Fifteen dollars
Fifteen dollars
On a shoddy piece of plastic
There is it, Limp Bizkit in all its glory

Fred Durst, the man, the myth, the compulsive masterbator

You love him, you hate him, you love to hate him


Once when I was afraid to speak, when I was just a lad
My poppy gavew my nose a tweak, and told me I was bad
Then I learned a brilliant word, saved my aching nose

The biggest word, that you've ever heard, and this is how it goes
Even thought he sound of it is something quite atrocious

Ah, those were the days
I don't know
You got any more of that ...

So what did you think, you were getting a Celine Dion record?
No no no young bucky

You laughed, you cried, you just kissed your fifteen bucks goodbye
Limp Bizkit? I dont think so
Fred Durst? I dont know
But what the hell, I got paid
Goodbye now

Prop the DJ (removed from final release)

Rock the house
DJ Lethal rock the house
Limp Bizkit rock the house
DJ Lethal rock the house

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