Cadillac - Lit

Yeah, I want to write this song
About my Cadillac
Cuz they're so f*cking cool
The Nineteen sixties
I don't care if I get 8 miles to the gallon
Caddys are the sh*t
Next one's a '61
Cuz I love fins.. yeahhh
Me and all my freinds can fit
And shotgun don't mean d_ck
Cuz every seat's first class
Throw in for gas and
We'll take it to Vegas
We're ridin like Elvis
A cop in the trunk
We gotta fill again
Down at rips
I am proud to be American
When I see the chrome and fins
I think that the wreath and
Shield should be on the flag
Caddys are bad ass
I need to get some more
How bout a '64
Cuz I love fins
Yeahhh, Yeahhh

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