1 Deep - Lizzo

I stopped talking to my mama for three months
No eye contact during lunch
Wasn't nothing else around us but mountains and trees
And my guilty worthless screams, "What was wrong with me?"
Was the question, it was, it was "How could she?"
What happen to a daddy girl when daddy don't exist no more?
I guess we gon' see

Wishing I could call you
You know when that bell ring
Angels get they wings
Someone tell me we gon'
Be alright but I think
That I gotta be
One deep
One deep, one deep

Dip my black body in gold (uniform)
I just wanna shed (ice cold)
Diamond crust (getting warm)

Somebody put me on the soap box
I got the voice of my kin folk, my mama
Mama gave me blessings and then some
I'm youngest of two, feeling like a elder
Alone in my room, wishing I could tell ya
"I love you", "I love too"
The best of me only comes out when it's you
But sorry ain't in my vocabulary

Man you better call me
You know when that bell ring
I will be on time
Someone told me if we
Listen to our hearts then
We gon' be alright (I'm ready)
Four deep
Four deep

When I melted into your chest
Just read this and think about it
Talk to me in person

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